Chrysanthemum Oolong Tea (皇菊乌龙茶)
  • Chrysanthemum Oolong Tea (皇菊乌龙茶)


    Organic whole chrysanthemum buds mingle with succulent oolong tea. In each cup of our Chrysanthemum Oolong Tea, you will experience a refreshing chrysanthemum bath with a clean finish. 


    The Chrysanthemum Oolong Tea aids digestion, cleanses excess oils, detoxifies system, calms inflammation, and aids in slimming. Among all the other oolong teas offered, the Golden Infusion is most appropriate for caffeine-sensitive customers.


    As the Chrysanthemum Oolong Tea is a blend of oolong and chyrsanthemum, it is most effective if consumed 30 ~ 60 minutes after meals. 


    (15 sachets per box)