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Health Benefits

For centuries, Initially, tea was used as medication and food ingredient. In present times, tea has become a beverage. And in some counties, tea is used as health supplement or as a main daily fluid in-take. In current society, there is a saying in some culture which is “Rather to skip a meal for the day, than not having a cup of tea for a day”.

Best Anti-Cancer Food

Whole tea leaves contain polyphenols. The polyphenols have anti-cancer properties that can interfere the cancer cells developing process. Tea leaves also contain antioxidants that can flush out toxins from the body system, thus reducing the chances of developing cancers. A cup of whole tea leaves a day helps to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Enhance body immunity

Different types of tea leaves contain different amount of proteins, ranging from 20% - 30%. Protein is an important component of every cell in our body, as our body uses protein to build and repair tissues. When brewing whole tea leaves, the proteins will dissolve into tea soup and are easily absorb by the body.

Tea leaves contain vitamins B and C. In some studies, vitamins B can help stave off migraines, refreshing and promote a healthy metabolism. As for vitamins C helps to protect cells and keep them healthy, improve our body immunity and reduce the severity of cold symptoms.


Tea leaves contains a wide array of antioxidants that are beneficial for our health. The antioxidants helps in protecting our body from harmful effects caused by the free radicals and also helps in improving blood circulation. The anti-oxidants also good for anti-aging and enhance skin complexion.


Weight Management

Polyphenol compound that is found in the tea leaves is very effective in controlling the metabolism of fat in the body, burning fat and blocking dietary fat absorption.


Good for bones and teeth

Tea leaves are rich in several minerals that include manganese and calcium which helps in promote healthy bone and teeth. The manganese help to build more bone mass and repair damage by stimulating the enzymes inside our body.


Skin, Acne and Hair Benefits

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that contain inside the tea leaves helps to maintain our skin's healthy appearance and effectively in treating skin condition


Maintain Healthy Metabolism

The high EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) and polyphenol content in tea makes it a potent anti-inflammatory that helps to boost metabolism.  Tea not just a healthy drink, but it is a lifesaving drink for those with diabetes problem.


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