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Our Tea Appreciation Courses

Tea has more than 3000 years of history. Starting out as a Chinese medicinal herb, tea gradually evolved into the international beverage as of today. Teas are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. W Teas believes that traditional tea brewing and consumption not just promotes healthy lifestyle, it also promotes  family harmony and personal development through introspection. 

Outbound Small Group Short Tea Appreciation Course

( Contact us for quotation )

> Setup at your preferred venue

> History and basic types of tea

> Types of health benefits for diverse types of teas

> How to select the types of tea that suit you

> Time and right way of consuming tea

> Types of brewing equipment

> Setup of 5 sets of tea brewing equipment for attendees to do practical and tea tasting

> Approximate 2 hours duration

Oolong Tea Appreciation Course

(S$ 68.00 nett per person)

> 3 main categories of Oolong

> Health benefits of Oolong

> Gaiwan brewing techniques  (practicals)

> Tea pot brewing techniques

> Special Gaiwan brewing techniques

> Inclusive 3 types of Oolong Tea

> Maximum 3 person per course

> Approximate 3 hours duraction

Traditional Basic Tea Appreciation Course

(S$ 168.00 nett per person)

> 2 sessions per course

> 4 different types of tea (Green, White, Black and Dark)

> History and country of origin for each type of tea

> Health benefits for each type of tea

> Tea pot brewing techniques (practical)

> Comes with a set of tea pot

> All tea leaves are included

> Maximum 3 person per course

> Approximate 2 to 3 hours duration per session

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