Tea is the number one source of food that contain the highest level of anti-oxidants which helps to prevent cancers. Its also contains other types of properties that are great for heath and body maintenance. Click onto the pictures below to learn more. 

Anti-Cancer Properties
Improve Blood Flow
Improve Skin Condition
Healthy Metabolism
Slimming Effects
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New Arrivals

We have just added some special teas and 2019 limited edition in our store. Click the following link to find out more. 

About Us

We believe only brewing whole tea leaves will give us the original tea fragrance and maintain its vitamins and minerals. Therefore, for all our tea products, we only use whole tea leaves, there is no addictive, artificial flavouring or preservative for our products.

Beside our purely whole tea leaves products, we believe traditional tea culture able to enhance personal characters and promote family harmony. In traditional tea culture patient and respect are the most important elements. Therefore, beside our tea products, we also promote and provide courses in traditional tea culture.


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